European UNA Network

WFUNA's European UNA Network is an informal network comprised of the different United Nations Associations within Europe. 

Established in the mid-1990s to create opportunities for cooperation between the European UNAs, the European UNA Network conducts mini-seminars on UN-EU issues and organizes meetings with EU officials and MEPs including UN Intergroup and EU-UN Subcommittee members.

Establishing a UNA

Establishing a United Nations Association (UNA) is a comprehensive and thoughtful process that can take up to several months to complete successfully.

Before a UNA can apply for membership with WFUNA, it must be:

WFUNA has over 100 member United Nations Associations (UNAs). UNAs are national civil society organizations that provide a link between the citizens of the world and the United Nations by seeking to ensure that the UN is relevant to the lives of the peoples it exists to serve. UNAs have different programs and a variety of constituencies, such as individual members, member organizations, and partner schools and universities.

UNA Activities

UNAs have a wide variety and diversity of activities depending on the needs of their communities and the UNAs specific interest areas and expertise relating to the United Nations.