WFUNA Youth Network

About the Program

WFUNA is committed to fostering the active participation of young individuals, whether through our ongoing programs, or by integrating youth perspectives into broader matters. Our engagements align with the Youth, Peace, and Security agenda and showcase our dedication to advancing global initiatives that empower and amplify youth voices. Through our initiatives and involvements, young people are able to harness their energy and passion and drive positive change on a global scale.

Prioritizing the engagement of youth is a central focus of WFUNA’s initiatives. WFUNA consistently involves youth in various ongoing programs, and seeks opportunities to integrate youth in related matters when they are not the primary focus. Some of these programs and initiatives include the Young Leader of the Year Award, WFUNA’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC), the Youth Delegate Program, Youth Seminars, as well as our educational programs such as our training programs and WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN).

  • Empowering youth voices
  • Driving positive change
  • Advancing global initiatives