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WFUNA Youth Seminar Series

About the Program

WFUNA believes that youth play a crucial role as collaborative allies in achieving the UN’s aspirations and carrying out the objectives outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The WFUNA Youth Network serves as an unstructured alliance comprising UN Youth Associations and UNA youth sections and programs globally. Established as the official network for UN youth associations, UNA youth sections, and youth programs worldwide, the WFUNA Youth Network functions as a hub for cultivating global youth collaborations, offering information on various opportunities, and providing a platform for enhancing the skills and capabilities of our young members. Youth constitute a crucial demographic for WFUNA, UNAs, and UNYAs, and our foremost focus is to harness the abilities and passion within our extensive youth network. We are committed to enhancing the skills and providing the necessary tools for them to actively participate as global citizens. To achieve this objective, we initiated the WFUNA Youth Seminar Series.

WFUNA Youth Seminars are  hosted by a national UNA or external partner. They rotate geographically to make it easier for young people in a particular region to attend.  We have organized seven WFUNA Youth Seminars to date in: Norway, Argentina, USA, India, Malaysia, and Uganda. Through the Youth Seminars, the WFUNA Youth Network brings together United Nations Associations Youth Associations and their Sections, Youth Programs, United Nations Youth Associations and other relevant Organizations. In this spirit, the Youth Seminars Series were devised not only as a capacity building space, but also as a feedback mechanism for young people engaged with WFUNA and other active youth who hold the aspiration of being global citizens and ambassadors for sustainable development. They have focused on topics such as raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG16 on Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies and Youth, Peace and Security, and are paired with project management workshops to allow young people to design and implement small scale projects after taking part in the seminar and returning to their countries of origin.

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