WFUNA Young Leader of the Year

About the Program

WFUNA supports and encourages youth engagement and participation through our UNAs as well as through the broader WFUNA Youth Network. By recognizing a Young Leader of the Year, WFUNA aims to find, select, and share the achievements of an exceptional young person to a wider audience and highlight their contributions to our organization, their commitment to uphold UN values, and to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The WFUNA Young Leader of the Year serves as a way to share youth-led initiatives as well as to inspire other young people with the desire to become involved in local and global issues. Each year, a theme is chosen to categorize the achievements of the Young Leader of the Year, through which WFUNA calls for nominations of young people working in that theme. Past themes include SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 4: Quality Education. In 2020, the theme was centered on upholding UN values and contributing to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of marking the 75th anniversary of the UN. Similarly in 2021, the theme was centered around the candidate’s active participation in efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and finding creative and innovative solutions to continue implementing youth programs amidst challenges posed by COVID-19.

  • Highlight youth-led initiatives
  • Spotlight commitment to UN values
  • Celebrate SDG implementation


Past Winners

Candidates include youth aged 15-29 from UNAs and UNYAs around the world. In order to select the Young Leader of the Year, WFUNA interviews candidates nominated by UNAs and selects one. This final candidate’s profile is featured on the WFUNA main website for one month, has a designated area on the WFUNA Youth Network web page, and is posted on our social media platforms.