Youth Advisory Council

I'm Jessica, from United Nations Youth Australia. As National President of UN Youth Australia, I oversee all of our organisation's operations. I'm currently 24 and have been volunteering for my UNYA for six years now. I'm eager for Australia to be a more active participant in conversations with other UNYAs and WFUNA. 

We run conferences that bring students together within Australia, discussing issues such as diplomacy, economics, human rights, and security. This year, we ran six international programs that took young Australians overseas, educating them about issues such as peace building, indigenous rights, diplomacy and international development. We also are involved in the Australia's Youth Representative to the UN program, where one young person travels the country, collecting data on the views of young people to present to our leaders and to inform their presentation at the UN General Assembly. I'm really proud of the work these programs do in creating informed and active young citizens who are connected with the values of the United Nations. 

Last year I ran UN Youth Australia's communications, including social media and traditional press. I've also just about to complete my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Media and Communications, as well as having majored in Politics and International Studies in my undergraduate degree. I want to bring these skills to the Youth Advisory Council, as well as my knowledge of project management and education program development.