Chair of the Executive Committee


Anne Cathrine Uteng da Silva holds a Graduated Master of Art (combination of media, sociology, pedagogy and development studies). She has fifteen years of leadership, also within international experience from development and humanitarian aid.

Her previous positions are as following, five years as Regional Director for Southern Africa, five years as Head of sections at Norwegian Refugee Council, within the areas of strategic development and management, inter -agency mechanism within UN and civil society, resilience and humanitarian response, gender equality, education, strengthening democratic governance, protection and durable solutions.

She also has capacity within organizational change and change management. She was the project lead of the first phase of NRC organization restructuring process in 2012 and recently she lead the organizational change successfully within UNA- Norway. Since 2017 she has the role as the Secretary-General of UNA-Norway.

Anne Cathrine has a passion and will to build capacity and leadership within the sector of UNAs, with an aim to strengthening the WFUNA and UNAs globally, to contribute to develop institutions, participatory decision-making, global citizenship and sustainable development, based on her grass root and strategic high-level experience.

She has recently lead the launching of the project “SDG Hubs - Strengthening civil society support and engagement for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, together with following UNA’s; Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, and WFUNA.

She is also the lead of the global project, “Inspire for Action on SDG Target 4.7” with the aims to initiate a project to contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4 and SDG target 4.7.

The objective with this initiative is to assess the status on implementation of SDG 4, create a learning space and sharing of best practices for nations that aim to prioritize meeting SDG 4 through partnerships with UN, civil society, educators, and governments.

As well inspire countries to advance their commitment to the implementation of SDG 4, target 4.7 through partnerships. Central to the project is a series of high level meetings inspiring states for concrete action. UNA-Norway is currently assessing possible funds and partners together with WFUNA for this global project.