Establishing a United Nations Association (UNA) is a comprehensive and thoughtful process that can take up to several months to complete successfully.

Before a UNA can apply for membership with WFUNA, it must be:

  • Legally constituted with the appropriate offices of its national government
  • Be the only UNA member of WFUNA in a UN member state
  • Be ideally composed of a diversity of sectors, including Board members who represent civil society, academia, former diplomats, the private sector, the media, youth and women’s organizations, etc.

The WFUNA Secretariat is available to support the establishment of new UNAs with guidance and advice. Contact us for help getting started. Please note that WFUNA does NOT charge any registration fees during the affiliation process. Your UNA will be required to pay membership dues to WFUNA only once your Association has been recommended for membership by WFUNA's Executive Committee.