The General Assembly,

Recalling the Charter of the United Nations, which sets out in its preamble the principles and purposes for which "we the peoples of the United Nations" are to strive,

Reaffirming that the United Nations cannot achieve the purposes for which it has been created unless the peoples of the world are fully aware of its aims and activities,

Recalling its resolution 137 (II) of 17 November 1947, in which inter alia, the Assembly considered that the knowledge and understanding of the aims and activities of the United Nations are essential in promoting and assuring general interest and popular support of its work,

Noting that the World Federation of United Nations Associations, which commemorates its fortieth anniversary in 1986, was established by people from all parts of the world motivated by the ideals of the Charter, as a movement dedicated to the promotion of such understanding and support,

Noting that the Federation is the only international non-governmental organization which devotes itself entirely to building support for the purposes and principles of the United Nations,

Acknowledging with great satisfaction the efforts of thousands of individuals and principles of the United Nations through United Nations associations around the world,

Considering the sustainaed programmes and numerous activities of the Federation and United Nations associations during the last four decades in pursuit of these objectives, 

1. Commends the World Federation of United Nations Associations and United Nations associations for the valuable contribution they have made during the past forty years through the activities in the mobilization of popular support for the programmes and work of the United Nations;

2. Expresses the wish that the Federation and United Nations associations will have continued success in their efforts to inform the general public about the United Nations at the national and international levels;

3. Calls upon all Governments and people to encourage and help the World Federation of United Nations Associations through their local United Nations associations to expand and develop the pursuit of the goals to which the Member States have committed themselves. 

95th plenary meeting
3 December 1986