6 Months of Mission Possible

Since last May, more than 140 students from 15 countries on 5 continents have participated in Mission Possible’s Youth Connect and Kick-Start Your Action programs.

6 months after launching its online programs, Mission Possible looks back on student’s appreciation of the virtual experience. 

Since last May, more than 140 students from 15 countries on 5 continents have participated in Mission Possible’s Youth Connect and Kick-Start Your Action programs. The programs engage young people in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by challenging them to take action on concrete issues connected to the goals. 

Based on participants’ feedback in post-program evaluations, all student respondents would recommend Mission Possible programs to their peers. Overall, the vast majority of students were satisfied with the teaching style of their facilitators and thought the program content and instructions were clear. 

According to students, the main highlights of the programs include the interactive and engaging nature of the sessions, the process and structure of the program, which helped students clarify the issue they want to work on and organize their action plan; and the support from facilitators. “The workbook and the way the sessions were structured really helped me to initiate and develop my ideas step by step, giving me enough time to really think them through.” (Shraddha Rajmohan, India) 

Students who participated in Youth Connect said the program helped them hone their skills in time management and teamwork amidst the challenging context of lockdowns and collaborating with other students remotely. The program also helped them understand the process and efforts involved in developing and implementing a project. “It helped me adjust to new people, form teams and work with them even though we had never met before nor did we know each other.” (Aashna, India) 

When asked about their main take-aways and learning, many students mentioned they now realize they can do much more than they initially thought they could when it comes to creating local and global sustainable change. This speaks to one of the programs’ objectives: Support youth to overcome feelings of powerlessness by learning how to take action on issues that matter to them. “Before joining, I had no idea of how could I make a change in the world. Neither how to make a small change in my community. With this program I learned that you can achieve anything, thinking big and being creative. It doesn’t need to be organizing a whole new organization, it could be as little as joining one that already exists.” (Florencia Chiarella, Peru) 

“I learned how inherently passionate I am about the SDGs, and that I have the ability to help achieve them at a global scale.” (Devanshi Dasgupta, India) 

“This program has given me so much confidence and hope.” (Cathrine Macaskill, New Zealand)

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