1. Eligibility

    • WFUNA International Model UN welcomes youth between the age of 13 and 18 from North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia who have experience in Model UN or have high interest in global affairs and the United Nations.

    • Delegate participants must be enrolled in a high school under the age of 18.

    • WIMUN also welcomes advisors who have a role in planning and organizing a MUN conferences and teachers who use Model UN in their education curriculum.

  2. Registration Deadlines

    • All registration are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once maximum capacity is reached, delegates will be able to register to be placed on a wait-list.

    • Priority registration period is from October 20, 2018 - December 20, 2018.

    • Regular registration period is from December 21, 2018 - March 20, 2019.

  3. Councils and Committees

    • WIMUN India 2019 will have 1 Security Councils, 3 General Assembly Committees and 3 ECOSOC Committees.

  4. Registration Types

    • There are three registration types for WIMUN India 2019:

      • School Delegation,

      • Individual Delegate

      • Observer

    • *Note - All individual delegates will be required to submit liability waivers, ID proofs and other documentation as may be requested by the conference. Any registrant below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

    • School Delegation registration type is available to a Faculty Advisor/Head Delegate representing a group of students currently enrolled in a high school and are between the age of 13 - 18 by April 2019. 

    • Individual Delegate registration type is available to Individual students enrolled in a high school and are between the age of 13 - 18 by April 2019. 

    • Observer registration type is available to all persons other than the Faculty Advisors, primary chaperones and parents. Acceptance of observer applications is subject to the discretion of the organizing team.

    • All registration must be done through our official registration platform.

  5. Conference Fees & Payment

    • The amount for each individual or delegation must be paid in full by December 24, 2018 for Priority Registration and March 25, 2019 for Regular Registration in order to qualify for registration.

    • A late fee of INR 1000/USD 50 will apply on payments made after March 25, 2019.

    • The conference fee is as follows:
      For delegates - INR 23,600 / USD 530
      For every 10 students in a delegation, the fee for 1 Faculty Advisor is waived off (double occupancy). For delegation sizes lesser than 10:
      - Single Occupancy Faculty Fee - INR 20,500 / USD 450
      - Double Occupancy Faculty Fee - INR 14,500 / USD 250

    • The conference fee shall include the following:

      • WIMUN Training - before & during the conference by experts

      • Access to pre-conference training material and interactive webinars.

      • Accommodation at Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre for 3 nights 

      • 9 meals starting with dinner on day 1 to lunch on the day 4.

      • Entry to all the social events

      • Entry to all the speaker series

      • Guided exploration of Taj Mahal by local historians

      • All conference registration fees are non-refundable.

    • The conference fee does not include transfers from Delhi to Agra or lunch on Day 1. These can be availed at an additional cost of INR 1500/USD 30 for transfers and INR 1250/USD 20 for Lunch.

  6. Visa

    • Upon request, confirmed registrants will be issued a Letter of Invitation from WIMUN India stating the status of their participation at WIMUN after background check. Registrants may use the Letter of Invitation in their visa acquisition process.

    • WIMUN India will only provide Invitation Letters and is not responsible for the acceptance/refusal of any participant’s visa into India.

  7. Privacy and Intellectual Property

    • WIMUN India reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by individuals to WFUNA, Worldview & WIMUN India and to collect data in the form of photographs or videos during the conference and social events without limitations.

    • All registrants agree that no data, results, and materials for use in WIMUN India 2019 will be disseminated by means of publications, reports, conferences, or any other form without the express written consent from WFUNA and Worldview of which these products, data, results, and materials are its exclusive property.

    • WFUNA, Worldview and WIMUN India reserves the right to update and change information without further notice.

  8. Code of Conduct

    • All delegates must dress in Western Business Attire (WBA) while at WIMUN India. As a general rule, WBA requires that delegates dress in a suit jacket, slacks or skirt, dress shirt with tie, and dress shoes. National Attire is also permitted. If a delegate's attire is deemed inappropriate by WIMUN India staff, the delegate will be asked to leave the session and return with appropriate attire. Clothes that expose excessive bare skin or are otherwise revealing are deemed inappropriate.

    • All delegates are expected to remain "in character" while at WIMUN India by consistently advocating the interests and representing the policies of the country assigned. To act "in character" also entails displaying respect for the opinions and ideas of fellow delegates, even if these opinions and ideas conflict with a given delegate's own country's priorities. Delegates are expected to prepare adequately for active participation in committee sessions.

      • Delegates found to be in violation of WIMUN India's Security Policies may be barred from further participation at WIMUN India and/or expelled from the conference without refund at the discretion of the Secretary-General.

      • Delegates who disrupt committee sessions or other conference events may be barred from further participation at WIMUN India and/or expelled from the conference without refund at the discretion of the Secretary-General.

      • Delegates who antagonize hotel guests or otherwise "disturb the peace" may be barred from further participation at WIMUN India and/or expelled from the conference without refund at the discretion of the Secretary-General.

    • All Faculty Advisors are responsible for the safety, well-being, and conduct of their delegates.

      • The educational quality of WIMUN India is primarily dependent on all delegates' active and professional participation. Faculty Advisors can ensure this by monitoring their student's attendance at committee sessions and helping them understand the skills of diplomacy as practiced at WIMUN India.

      • During the conference, Faculty Advisors are encouraged to attend Faculty Advisor meetings and feedback sessions, to observe their students from the back of committee rooms, and even to advise students on substantive issues. However, participation in the committee process must be left to the delegates and the WIMUN India staff. Faculty Advisors may not participate in the writing of resolutions or in caucusing WFUNA International MUN 2019 Terms and Conditions activities or otherwise engage in the committee process.

      • Faculty Advisors are required to assist the WIMUN India staff in enforcing Security Policies, Dress Code, and the WIMUN India terms and conditions with regards to their school's delegates. Faculty Advisors are responsible for ensuring that their students follow the terms and conditions.

    • Faculty Advisors are responsible for ensuring that their students follow the terms and conditions. WIMUN India will not tolerate any instances of harassment or discrimination, including but not limited to those based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, or disability. Further, WIMUN India will not tolerate any instances of inappropriate behavior or unwelcome advances of a sexual nature. If any delegate, staff, or Advisor believes they have encountered harassment or discrimination, which results in a hostile working environment or disparate treatment, they are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the Secretary-General or another member of the Secretariat. The Secretary-General and Conference Director will then evaluate the report and involve the appropriate personnel which may include Faculty Advisors. Based on their findings of the investigation, WIMUN India may:

      1. Take no action;

      2. Issue a verbal reprimand;

      3. Expel the offending individual from WIMUN India without refund;

      4. Bar the delegation of the offending individual from future participation at WIMUN India; and/or,

      5. Take other actions as deemed necessary and appropriate.

  9. Allocations and Awards

    • All delegations are responsible for paying for and filling all slots assigned through our country assignment process.

    • All delegations registered by our priority deadline of December 20, 2018, will be given preference for country assignments. Country assignments will be issued on a rolling basis, dependent on receiving payment of at least 50% of the delegation's total fees for WIMUN India. Once all countries have been assigned or no seats remain, schools / individuals that have completed registration will be placed on the wait-list and receive country assignments as they become available. No delegate / delegation is guaranteed acceptance to WIMUN India, even if, you register before the Priority Registration Deadline.

    • While participants in private delegations will be eligible for individual awards and recognition, the MUN club or private delegation as a whole will not be eligible to receive a delegation award. This is because the participants will represent various schools and the delegation awards are given to recognize the efforts put in by the schools to grow MUN within their ecosystem.

    • No names of the School will be printed on the certificates of the Individuals Delegates, Observers or Private Delegations.

    • Guardians of Individual Delegates will not receive Participation Certificates.

  10. Exceptions and Violations

    • The Secretary-General and Director-General are the only staff members who are allowed to grant exceptions or extensions to conference policies and deadlines. Neither WIMUN India, the WFUNA, or Worldview are liable for erroneous statements made by other members of WIMUN India staff regarding conference policies listed—and not listed—herein.

    • Violation of the policies listed in these terms and conditions may result in the revocation of assigned seats with no refund. Serious violation of these policies or those listed in the conference handbook regarding conduct may result in expulsion from the conference with no refund and potential prevention of registration for all future WIMUN India conferences.

  11. Acceptance
    If a minor is registering for WIMUN India 2019 and using this website, the minor's parents/guardians are deemed to have agreed and accepted all the terms on behalf of the minor.​

  12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India and any dispute shall exclusively be subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate Courts situated at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

  13. Force Majeure
    WIMUN India shall not be deemed in default of this Agreement, nor shall it hold the other Party responsible for, any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations (excluding payment obligations) due to earthquake, flood, fire, storm, natural disaster, act of God, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott, or other similar events beyond the reasonable control of the Party, provided that the Party relying upon this provision: (a) gives prompt written notice thereof, and (b) takes all steps reasonably necessary to mitigate the effects of the force majeure event. If a force majeure event extends for a period in excess of 30 days in the aggregate, either Party may immediately terminate this Agreement upon written notice.