Peaceful uses of Outer Space

Jason Ryan Thompson, Secretary, General Assembly Fourth Committee

Committee Background

Humanity's push into outer space began over sixty years ago, and from the very beginning, the United Nations has been a key player in establishing a peaceful regime of space governance and fostering scientific & economic space development for the benefit of all. Their work in outer space continues to the present day and is of vital importance to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals and other UN global agendas. Space development and technology play a key role in the attainment of all of the SDGs and guide the UN’s future “Space2030” agenda. This agenda focuses on the development of a space economy with assistance from both the public & private sectors, a global space society where all people can benefit from outer space technology and development, universal space accessibility where all Member States have the same opportunities to access, explore, study, & develop space, and continued peaceful space diplomacy. Outer space is dedicated to the common heritage of all humankind and the United Nations intends to work to make sure all people, all nations, and our planet benefit from the work, research, and exploration that takes place among the stars. We invite delegates to work towards the continued peaceful exploration and development of humanity's final frontier in WIMUN India 2019's General Assembly Fourth Committee simulation!