Situation in the Middle East (Yemen)

Alice Landin, Director, Security Council

Committee Background

The situation in Yemen currently represents the biggest humanitarian crisis in the United Nations Security Council Agenda. The Civil War that began as a series of protests in the beginning of this decade continues to threaten the stability and wellbeing of millions of Yemenis who suffer from dire humanitarian conditions and are on the brink of famine.

The Security Council in support of the Gulf Cooperation Council has undertaken efforts to initiate dialogue and Peace Talks between the conflicting parties, outlining a clear political transition and road map into a state of stability. Although the stakeholders have been generally cooperative and have signed multiple agreements, these have not been followed through and the streets of Yemen have continued to be riddled with violence. 

The Security Council must work tirelessly to elaborate new solutions to support peace-building in Yemen through political and electoral reforms that will alleviate the worsening humanitarian crisis and achieve sustaining peace throughout the region.