Types of Training Programs

The Advanced Training Program (ATP) at the United Nations targets university students in undergraduate or graduate programs. It provides universities with a unique chance to offer their current and prospective students a program at the United Nations headquarters in New York and in Geneva. In addition to offering students a rare and intimate view into the workings of the UN, participating universities and our education partners are aiding in the career development and future of the next generation of leaders.

WFUNA offers a less intensive version of the program tailored to secondary and high school students who display an early interest in international affairs. The Youth Training Program (YTP) at the United Nations examines the activities of the UN and relevant global issues in a more relaxed setting. In addition, WFUNA will provide training and information on how to build a career within the UN system and with international NGOs.

ATP/YTP Objectives:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the UN system and how to critically engage with its work
  • Understand key international concepts and issues within broader frameworks
  • Interpret and analyze complex ideas from multiple angles
  • Conduct independent research and write a policy proposal
  • Develop public speaking skills and present opinions, ideas, and work to an audience
  • Improve professional and teamwork skills
  • Apply the core values of the UN in thinking globally and acting locally
  • Obtain information on career building and working in international organizations

Leadership Training Programs (LTP) are offered to professional groups.
WFUNA facilitators can work with our corporate and institutional partners to create a program that meets their professional needs while focusing on relevant areas of UN engagement and intergovernmental processes.


If you are interested in bringing a group to participate in the YTP, ATP, or LTP, please email trainingprograms@wfuna.org for further information. Participation in our Training Programs can only be done through an educational partner. Thus, WFUNA is not currently accepting individual applications for our Training Programs.