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Global Model WHO
29 Oct. – 1 Nov., 2024

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Welcome to the first in-person Global Model WHO jointly organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) at the WHO Headquarters. Come to Geneva to collaborate on finding solutions to current global health issues and interact with WHO experts.

Set against the backdrop of Geneva’s stunning landscapes and the iconic Jet d’Eau fountain, the conference venue is located within walking distance of Geneva’s historic landmarks and cultural attractions. During their free time, attendees can explore the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and major sights, including the Palais des Nations, Geneva’s old town, or the Flower Clock. Discover local treasures at the city’s markets, and unwind amidst the beauty of Lake Geneva.

  • Tackle current global health issues
  • Interact with WHO experts
  • Explore Geneva

Committee A Simulations

High School

  • Climate Change, Pollution and Health

  • Mental Health and Youth

  • Global Health and Peace Initiative

  • Topic descriptions and background resources will be added in the coming weeks.


  • Antimicrobial Resistance: Accelerating National and Global Responses

  • Poliomyelitis Eradication

  • End TB Strategy

  • Topic descriptions and background resources will be added in the coming weeks.


What are the fees for the conference?
Conference fees vary, depending on registration type and the time you register. If you register during early registration, i.e. before July 31, 2024, you pay $229 per delegate if you are part of a group or $269 if you sign up as an individual. If you register during the regular registration period (August 1 – September 15, 2024), you pay $259 per delegate as part of a group, or $299 as an individual delegate. Delegations need to pay a $129 delegation fee, which includes the first Faculty Advisor. Any additional Faculty Advisors costs an extra $179 per advisor. Please be reminded that the minimum number of participants in a delegation is two. There is no maximum. Observers need to pay $189. For more information, please visit the registration page.
I have registered for the conference, what are the next steps?
Thank you for registering for the conference! Please be reminded that your conference registration is not final until you have also paid in full for your conference participation. If you have not completed payment yet, please access your application through the MyMUN portal and navigate to the “payment” section. Once you have opened the payment tab in your application, you will be able to select the fee(s) you wish to pay for and complete payment conveniently by credit card directly through MyMUN. If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please let us know and we will issue you an invoice with the bank details on it. After you complete payment (or if you have done so already), you will receive a country and simulation assignment soon. You will receive an email notification from MyMUN once you have received your country assignment. After receiving your country assignment, you can begin preparing for the simulation. You can find more information about the different simulations and topics further up on this page. Once available, we strongly recommend you review the DG Report and Resource Guide on your topic, the Delegate Handbook on simulating the World Health Assembly and attend our pre-conference training webinars. The dates and times of the webinars will be sent separately.
Do you offer scholarships?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any scholarships for Global Model WHO at this time. However, we are actively looking for schools who will be participating in the conference to sponsor individual students from the Global South. If this becomes available, we will post it on our website. We encourage all those who need funding to approach their academic institution, local businesses, or foundations in their home country.
How do I register for the Global Model WHO?
Registration for Global Model WHO 2024 is done through MyMUN. You can access the registration page for the conference by clicking here. To register, simply click on the big blue button saying “Apply Now” after which MyMUN will guide you through the registration process. If you do not have a MyMUN profile, you will be required to create one. If you already have a profile, please log into your account. Afterwards, you can select if you wish to register on your own (select “Delegate” or “Observer”) or if you wish to register a delegation (select “Head Delegate” or “Faculty Advisor”) and complete the registration process. Once you have submitted your registration, a member of our team will review your registration and either accept it or get in touch with you if there are any issues with it. After your registration was accepted by our team, you will have to complete payment for the conference to finalize your registration and secure your spot for the conference.
Can I request a change in my country assignment?
Countries cannot be changed after they have been assigned. The GMWHO follows a very specific procedure for country assignments taking into account various factors. The countries in each simulation have been specially selected keeping in mind their importance and involvement in the topic being discussed. Every country that is chosen is an important actor. Most importantly, part of any Model UN experience is expanding your horizons. If you have been given a country or topic you are unfamiliar with, then this is the perfect time to learn about that country and topic. That is a huge part of MUN in general, this is the time for you to step up to the challenge and become a representative of a country you were previously unfamiliar with. This is how Model UN Conference attendees become global citizens, by putting themselves in the shoes of countries, diplomats, and representatives you did not know much about before. Other factors that come into play include: if you have applied as a delegation or as a delegate, how soon you paid your conference fees, and several other factors. As a result, country assignments can not be changed. To ease with your preparations, the conference provides extensive materials and trainings to help you prepare in advance.
Can I get a refund?
As per our terms and conditions all fees paid to WFUNA for the Global Model WHO are non-refundable. Therefore, we are unable to provide you with a refund for the conference. We appreciate your understanding.

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