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16+ Forum Showcase:
Dili 2019

About this Conference

With over 250 participants from more than 45 countries, the 2019 16+ Forum Showcase in Díli, Timor-Leste offered a variety of experiences in SDG 16+ implementation.

With inclusion and reconciliation as its flagship theme, a few overarching themes emerged from the discussions:

  1. That the SDG 16+ framework is well-placed to act as an overarching strategic policy and planning tool across ministries and local authorities, at national and local levels.
  2. Localization of SDG 16+ is key to the agenda’s success and therefore requires an increase in visibility and resources.
  3. Advancing SDG 16+ requires a whole-of-society approach, which includes civil society, the public and private sectors, academia and the media.
  4. There is an urgent need to increase political will and accountability at all levels, with a dual focus on short-term impacts as well as long-term solutions if SDG 16+ aspirations are to be met.
  • Theme: inclusion and reconciliation

Hosted by

The Permanent Mission of Timor-Leste