16 Plus Forum Showcase

About this Conference

In September 2016, The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), together with the original 16+ Forum Partners, announced the Showcase, a collective undertaking to showcase SDG 16+ in action–what does implementation look like, how to go about it, and lessons learned. Held on a yearly basis, the Showcase takes place in a 16+ Forum member country and features one flagship theme. Each opens with a focus on the host country, while then broadening the lens to include a variety of county and regional contexts.

The Showcase provides a yearly opportunity to highlight steps taken at national and local levels towards SDG 16+ implementation, inclusive of challenges, successes and solutions. Through civil society capacity-building sessions, field visits, and panel and breakout discussions, this multi-day conference allows participants to share best practices, challenges, and solutions in SDG 16+ implementation, reinforce collective commitment, and strengthen efforts to realize and build a movement for peaceful, just, and inclusive societies.

  • SDG 16+ in action
  • Wide-ranging participation of stakeholders
  • National and local implementation

Previous Showcases

Timor Leste trevar-skillicorn-chilver-rbmwEl8H-Oc-unsplash Tall

Díli, Timor-Leste – 2019

Inclusion and Reconciliation

With over 250 participants from more than 45 countries, the 2019 16+ Forum Showcase in Díli, Timor-Leste offered a variety of experiences in SDG 16+ implementation.

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Freetown bunting-kargbo-s3Xi1qx3c3Y-unsplash Tall

Freetown, Sierra Leone – 2018

Peaceful Societies

Bringing together over 180 participants from 35 countries, the 16+ Forum Annual Showcase in Freetown, Sierra Leone provided a space for governments, civil society, the UN, academia, and the private sector to share in their experience and aspirations in advancing SDG 16+ across countries and contexts.

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Tbilisi denis-arslanbekov-b-eGDk5_gPo-unsplash Tall

Tbilisi, Georgia – 2017

Justice and the Rule of Law

Bringing together over 150 participants from 27 countries, the 16+ Forum’s inaugural Showcase in Tbilisi, Georgia set out to demonstrate what advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies can, and has, meant across countries and contexts.

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