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The Global Model WHO 2025 Conference will be held from October 29 – November 1, 2024 at WHO Headquarters and the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Secretariat is responsible for organizing all substantive and communicative aspects of the conference, with the leadership of the Senior Secretariat team.

Applications for the Secretariat positions are due by Sunday, June 16, 2024 23:59 CET.



  • Must be currently enrolled in university OR have recently graduated university and be between the ages of 18-30.
  • Prior experience staffing WIMUN is highly desired for Senior Secretariat Positions.
  • Prior experience with other Model UN conferences or workshops using WIMUN Approach rules of procedure is preferred.
  • Prior experience staffing Model UN conferences is highly desired.
  • Must be committed to producing all pre-conference and on-site deliverables in a timely manner.
  • Ideal candidates should display professionalism in their work, be very responsive to communications throughout the entire conference preparation process, be open to constructive feedback, and have strong communication skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Must arrive in Geneva on October 27, 2024, and depart on November 02, 2024. Must be available to work from October 27 – November 02 for training sessions and the conference itself.


Please apply here by Sunday, June 16, 2024, 23:59 CET. Please review the position description below carefully before applying. Highly qualified candidates will be selected for an interview. Questions about the positions can be directed to [email protected].

Senior Secretariat

President of the World Health Assembly

The President of the World Health Assembly plays a pivotal role in ensuring that meetings of Committee A are run in an efficient manner and that they properly follow the Global Model WHO rules of procedure. The President oversees the training of Committee chairs as well as the drafting of all documents to be used by the delegates in preparation for the conference. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Set objectives (“rocks”) for the Committee Chairs and ensure timely completion.
  • Recruit and manage a team of Committee Chairs for the conference.
  • Conduct regular Committee Chair team meetings.
  • Supervise the preparation of scripts and Programmes of Work that provide structure for all meetings.
  • Supervise the drafting of Study Guides, Annotated Bibliographies and Teacher Guide to assist participants in preparing for the conference.

Director of Governing Bodies

The Director of Governing Bodies plays a critical role in managing the registration process, communication with registered participants, and overseeing front desk operations during the conference. Reporting to Director-General, specific responsibilities include:

  • Manage the registration platform mymun, reviewing registrations, approving, and rejecting them as appropriate.
  • Keep records of the number of registrations received and make projections for expected registrations.
  • Maintain email communication with registered participants, providing timely updates and information related to the conference.
  • Prepare name lists for UN and WHO security passes in collaboration with WFUNA.
  • Manage the Conference Front Desk on-site, overseeing registration activities and assisting conference participants with questions.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications plays a pivotal role in managing the communication channels efforts of the Global Model WHO. Reporting to the Director-General, this individual oversees the recruitment and management of a team of Public Information Officers (PIOs) and leads the strategic dissemination of conference-related content through various communication channels. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Recruit and manage a team of Public Information Officers (PIOs) to support the communication objectives of the conference.
  • Curate and publish pre-conference content for Global Model WHO’s social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) to promote the conference, disseminate information, and engage participants.
  • Develop and implement social media campaigns to build excitement and anticipation around the conference.
  • Assist other departments with graphic design tasks, as needed.
  • Assist WFUNA with email marketing efforts as needed, including drafting and designing email newsletters and promotional materials to reach new potential conference participants.
  • Oversee the completion of on-site deliverables, including conference photos, videos, and interaction with participants on social media platforms.

Senior Secretariat


The Chair serves as the substantive and procedural expert in the room. Secretaries and Directors will also write the Study Guide for their respective simulation’s topic and assist with delegate training prior to the conference. Strong chairing experience, fluency in spoken and written English, and advanced research skills are required for this position. Past experience with the WIMUN Approach is highly preferred. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Writing the Resource for their simulation’s topic following WIMUN Approach research and formatting standards
  • Training the elected or selected Vie-Chair on WIMUN Approach rules of procedure, preparing chairing scripts, and providing procedural guidance during committee sessions
  • Assisting with the pre-conference training of delegates and other substantive needs and ensuring the overall quality of the committee experience for participants
  • Keeping track of the speakers list, draft resolutions, annotations of amendments during Formal Informal Meetings, and any recorded votes during committee sessions

Communication Officers

Communications Officers work behind the scenes to produce multimedia leading up to and during the conference. This year’s team will be designated with the following roles: Social Media Managers, Videographers (Editing and Cinematography), and Graphic Designers. Technical experience with videography, video editing, layout editing, social media marketing, or other media-related skills is required for this position. Staff will be expected to provide examples for past relative work. Specific roles and responsibilities include:


  • Recording and Editing videos to produce a Closing Ceremony video, social media promotional videos, and any other needed media.


  • Taking professional-quality photos during the conference
  • Watermarking all photos taken at the conference with the WFUNA and WHO logo

Graphic Designers

  • Designing various graphics for social media and email campaigns, and working closely with other communications officers to assist with any graphic design needs that may arise.


Staffing WIMUN is a unique experience as it allows you to be a part of a truly global secretariat where staff come from all over the world, creating an assimilation point of international cultures, ideas, friendships and opportunities. The opportunity to be a part of the only simulation in the world that is an accurate representation of the UN is an experience I will always remember.
Sahil B
Sahil B.
You will not find a better opportunity that allows you to build professional leadership experience, working relationships, and friendships with leaders from all around the world – all while being fully immersed in learning about the United Nations and its infrastructure. I am extremely thankful to WIMUN for being such a significant milestone in my academic and personal journey.
Cerina D.
Cerina D.
South Korea/Canada
Working at WIMUN was truly a life-changing experience for me, as it deepened my knowledge of the UN system, sustainable development and diplomacy. I love that WIMUN has a unique multicultural atmosphere and a focus towards the real UN agenda. Each conference was special and created the most wonderful memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.
Elena K
Elena K.
Being a part of the WIMUN team was the pinnacle of my MUN career. It was amazing to be a part of such an international and multicultural team and the lessons and experiences I have gathered there are some of the most valuable I have had. Moreover, the friendships I have gained during my experiences with WIMUN are something that I will forever carry with me!
Luis M
Luis M.
Participating as a staff member at WIMUN was such an incredibly fulfilling experience. The collaborative atmosphere, coupled with the support and patience of the team, made it truly enjoyable. The valuable lessons I learned in leadership, diplomacy, and critical thinking during my time at WIMUN continue to shape my approach to various aspects of my life today.
Wandile M
Wandile M.
South Africa

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