During the United Nations' “International Year of Youth” in 2010-2011, WFUNA launched its Youth Seminar Series with the aim of:

  • developing the capacity of WFUNA’s youth network
  • determining the youth priorities of UNAs and youth members
  • sharing successful youth programs and communication ideas
  • strengthening and expanding WFUNA’s youth network
  • providing skill training to youth members
  • encouraging collaboration with the WFUNA Secretariat and amongst UNAs and UNYAs.

If your UNA/UNYA is interested in hosting a Seminar, or if you have any questions, please email youthseminar@wfuna.org.

6th Youth Seminar

6th Youth Seminar

Kampala, Uganda
Hosted by UNA-Uganda
22 November-24 November, 2017

5th Youth Seminar: Kuala Lumpur

5th Youth Seminar

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hosted by UNA-Malaysia
30 November-3 December, 2016

4th Youth Seminar: Jaipur

4th Youth Seminar

Jaipur, India
Hosted by Jayshree Periwal International School
29 March-2 April, 2015

3rd Youth Seminar: New York

3rd Youth Seminar

New York, USA
Hosted by WFUNA
8-11 August, 2012

2nd Youth Seminar: Buenos Aires

2nd Youth Seminar

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hosted by UNA-Argentina
29 June-1 July, 2011

1st Youth Seminar: Oslo

1st Youth Seminar

Oslo, Norway
Hosted by UNA-Norway
1-3 October, 2010