Harmony With Nature

The threat posed to the planet and nature has been a growing concern from as far back as the latter parts of the 20th century, triggering the emergence of declarations such as the World Charter for Nature of 1982 and the Rio Declaration of 1992. Humanity is currently sitting on a ticking time bomb which may be set off within the century if practical steps are not taken to deal with the needs of nature in a sustainable manner. Climate change and its accompanying problems (health, sanitation, effects on life below water and life on land and increased difficulty in achieving a greater part of the sustainable development goals) are the results of disregard of the rights of nature by man, as well as the disregard for the concept of responsible consumption and production. The symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature should be mutualistic; however, the activities of man have made this a parasitic relationship where man feeds off nature while causing harm. The United Nations is calling for existing legal structures to be strengthened to ensure that a good relationship between humans and nature is established and preserved. During the conference, delegates are expected to work together to advance the cause of harmonious coexistence between human life and nature.

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