Population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development

The concept of sustainable development is relatively new to this world. It pursues the development of the society without compromising the resources for future generation. The United Nations has adopted “2030 agenda for sustainable development”. It is centered by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The topic “Population, Food Security, Nutrition” mostly falls under the Goals 2: End hinger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. As the world population continues to grow rapidly, the challenge for eradicating world hunger is more severe. The international community recognizes that sustainably increasing in the global food supply, decreasing the food loss and waste, as well as ensuring the access of food for the people with malnutrition are significant approaches. Poverty, particularly extreme poverty can easily lead to the issue of malnutrition. Besides, climate changes, political instabilities, conflicts also play as factors for this issue that the delegates ought to be considering during the discussion. What it seems not to be a complicated world issue eventually makes millions of children in the modern world suffer. It requires the integrated international cooperation as well as an urgent up-coming deadline. 

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Organisation of Work of the Commission & Provisional Agenda