In September 2016, WFUNA, together with the original 16+ Forum Partners, announced the Annual Showcase, a collective undertaking to showcase SDG 16+ in action – what implementation looks like, how to go about it, and lessons learned. Held on a yearly basis, the Annual Showcase takes place in a 16+ Forum member country and features one flagship theme. Each opens with a focus on the host country, while then broadening the lens to include a variety of county and regional contexts.

The Annual Showcase provides a yearly opportunity to highlight steps taken at national and local levels towards SDG 16+ implementation, inclusive of challenges, successes and solutions. Through civil society capacity-building sessions, field visits, and panel and breakout discussions, this multi-day conference allows participants to share best practices, challenges, and solutions in SDG 16+ implementation, reinforce collective commitment, and strengthen efforts to realize and build a movement for peaceful, just, and inclusive societies.

With wide-ranging participation of governments, local and international civil society organizations, members of the UN system, regional and international organizations, the private sector and academia, the Annual Showcase highlights the catalytic value of peace, justice, human rights and inclusion, and how global rhetoric translates into tangible impact on people’s lives.