Youth Seminar Series

During the United Nations' “International Year of Youth” in 2010-2011, WFUNA launched its Youth Seminar Series with the aim of:

Youth Participation at the UN

WFUNA is a long-standing and strong advocate of increased and meaningful youth participation at the United Nations. The goals the United Nations has set for itself simply cannot be achieved without the meaningful inclusion of young people. After the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and UN Security Council Resolution 2250, an understanding has grown within the UN system that young people are central to the work of the United Nations.

Young activists at the SDG Media Zone

WFUNA supports and encourages youth engagement and participation in the United Nations Associations and United Nations Youth Associations around the world through the WFUNA Youth Network. With this initiative, we want to highlight the contributions of thousands of young people to our organization and share their achievements with a wider audience.