National Program Coordinator, Mission Possible: India

Lalitha Ayyappan

Lalitha is based in Bengaluru and is responsible for the implementation and expansion of Mission Possible in India. Lalitha has over 5 years of experience in empowering and mobilizing individuals and teams, towards their highest potential. She started off her career with Standard & Poor’s, after which she taught at a public school in Mumbai as a Teach For India (TFI) Fellow. Soon after, she took responsibilities of a Program Manager with TFI in Bangalore wherein, she led, guided and trained a team of teachers on content, pedagogy and leadership. She has worked with a wide range of stakeholders in the education sector, towards driving an excellent education for all children.  In her last role, she worked as a Startup Coach for new entrepreneurs, coaching and mentoring them for their personal and professional success. Lalitha holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi.