Senior Advisor


Joe Haddad is the Volunteer Coordinator and Special Adviser to WFUNA.  Mr. Haddad manages WFUNA’s Kiosk and volunteers. He instructs WFUNA’s volunteers in their duties, advises on merchandise-related purchases at the Kiosk and helps to connect WFUNA's volunteers to the United Nations.

Mr. Haddad is a specialist in venture capital, private equities, international financial developments and policy analysis. He is fluent in five languages and offers a free Arabic language course to WFUNA staff, interns, and volunteers. Mr. Haddad is the president of several private enterprises in the United States. In Germany, in addition to having led his own company, he was the vice president of The German-Lebanese cultural club, where he helped advance bilateral relations. He also helped in organizing major cultural events such as the three-day “Vielvoelkerstadt Hamburg,” and moderated several inter-confessional and intercultural meetings.