Youth Advisory Council
Inessa P

I believe in strong youth leadership and representation. Over the the past two years, I have been deeply involved in working to advance Youth, Peace, and Security both locally and regionally. I had the pleasure of sharing some of our best practices during the 42nd Plenary Assembly.

My educational background includes the completion of both a Bachelor and Master's degree in oriental studies. I have a variety of professional experiences, including an Arabic lecturer and a part-time project assistant at UNA Armenia. Above all, I am a deeply committed youth advocate working to advance youth issues reflecting UN values - human rights, sustainable development, peace, and security. I also work to engage young people with disabilities in this important mission and work. 

As a Youth Advisory Council Member, I hope to expand training opportunities for young people around the world and providing a platform to unify UNAs internationally with the intention of building our overall ability and capacity achieve the global goals and leave the world in a better place than we found it.