Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG 7 | 2018

This team decided to address the use of energy in their school. They were concerned that the school spent nearly SDG 4000 per day on utilities. They also found a huge amount of energy wastage amongst students and members of staff by simply forgetting to turn off electrical appliances after use.

Positive Mental Well-Being, SDG 3 | 2018

This team wished to impact the positive mental well being of students in Tanglin Trust School. This issue was very important to them as they felt that mental health is not widely discussed and students often struggle to cope with the varying stress factors over their school years. They organized interesting and interactive lessons within their school community to tackle different stress factors students face by working closely with several stakeholders.

Helping Hand, SDG 10 | 2018
Helping Hand

This team wished to improve the wellbeing of foreign domestic workers by planning and conducting sports activities. They were concerned that foreign domestic workers had a lack of access to facilities that promoted a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they wanted to integrate the foreign domestic workers with the Tanglin Community and share the Tanglin Trust School’s facilities with them.

Urban Farming, SDG 11 | 2018

This team wished to create a sustainable farm in their school to create awareness on the negative effects of traditional farming, which tend to result in water wastage and high levels of CO2 emissions. They also hoped that the food grown in their school farm would be part of the food sold in their canteens to promote sustainability and healthy eating.

Marine Life Awareness and Conservation, SDG 10 | 2018

This team felt that the threats of marine life are often overlooked and there was a need for more awareness and conservation. They were particularly concerned with marine life being threatened by plastic waste. Therefore, they were determined to make their cause about reducing the use of plastic and promoting alternatives in their school.