What are WFUNA's Training Programs at the UN? 

Since 2012, the World Federation of United Nations Associations has hosted the Training Programs at the UN from our New York and Geneva locations. 

Through these programs, WFUNA commits to engaging people in the work of the United Nations. WFUNA offers the necessary tools to understand global challendges and a unique perspective on the critical issues of today's international agenda. We provide our program participants the opportunity to reflect concretely on how they can contribute to world peace, and on how they, as leaders, can shape it. 


Programs take place in the same locations where the United Nations has main or regional headquarters.

Cities with UN Main Headquarters where WFUNA can organize Training Programs are:

  • New York - USA
  • Geneva - Switzerland
  • Vienna - Austria
  • Nairobi - Kenya

In addition, programs can take place in Bangokok, Thailand, where the UN has a COuntry Team consisting of 18 UN Agencies.

Participants can also travel to Washington, DC as part of a two-city experience along with a portion of our New York program.


Each participating class takes part in a five-day Session from Monday to Friday. All program activities take place during the day.

During the Sessions

Educational activities are tailored according to age and language ability. We aim for our participants to have an interactive and dynamic experience. WFUNA facilitators create a fruitful learning environment suited to achieve our objective for eeach participant to gain a better understanding of the UN and relevant global issues, while developing skills relevant to their educational or professional context.

Depending on the age, langugage ability, and objectives of ht egroup, the activities can include:

  • Presentations
  • SImulations
  • Role plays
  • Workshops

Program Types

WFUNA offers the following types of Training Programs.

For Students:

  • Youth Training Program at the United Nations
  • Advanced Training Program at the United Nations

WFUNA's Youth Training Program at the United Nations (YTP) brings our Training Program series to middle school and high school students.

The Advanced Training Program at the United Nations (ATP) is targeted to students in undergraduate and graduate study at an accredtied college or university.

During the week, students will:

  • Gain an understanding of how the UN works
  • Receive an introduction to current global issues that the UN addresses
  • Learn how to become agents of change, first through awareness, then through developing habits, acdtions, and ideas they can take back to their schools and communitites
  • Learn how to create a plan for a career at the UN, international organization, or a relevant field
  • Receive an introduction to relevant, 21st century skills, which can include
    • Projecdt Management
    • Design Thinking
    • Public Speaking

For Professional Groups

  • Leadership Training Program at the United Nations

WFUNA offeres its Leadership Trainign PRogram at hte United Nations (LTP) to professional groups. Our facilitators can work with our partners to create a program that meets the professional needs of the group while focusing on relevant areas of United Nations engagement. 


If you are interested in bringing a group to participate in the YTP, ATP, or LTP, please email trainingprograms@wfuna.org. Participation in our Training Programs can only be done through an educational partner. Thus, WFUNA is not currently accepting individual applications for our Training Programs.